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Melgain Lotion 5ml is drug that is used to treat the vitiligo condition. It is most effective when utilized in conjunction of other therapies.

Melgain Lotion-5ml

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Melgain Lotion 5ml is drug that is used to treat the vitiligo condition. It is most effective when utilized in conjunction of other therapies. It increases the growth and movement of melanin-producing cells known as melanocytes that reside in the skin's white patches as well as hair root. In this way, it improves the color of skin.

Melgain Lotion is intended for usage on the outside only. Follow the instructions the doctor has advised. The affected area must be dry and clean prior to application. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before and after applying this medication. Make sure to use it frequently for the greatest benefits. Be sure to use only as required as it may not speed up the healing process and could cause negative side consequences. If your condition lasts for more than four weeks, or becomes worse at any point, tell your doctor be aware. This medication can improve its effectiveness by keeping the area affected clear of dirt.

Common adverse reactions include dry skin, irritation to the skin and burning sensations on the area of application. Contact your physician if these adverse effects don't improve or last for a longer time. Avoid eye contact directly. If you do happen to touch your eyes wash it off in water before seeking medical treatment.

For the best outcomes, it is suggested to apply the medication two hours before bedtime. The next day, patches should expose to the sun for a period of 10 minutes. Breastfeeding and pregnant women need to consult with their doctor prior to applying this treatment to ensure that the medication is safe for them as well as the growing baby.



  • Vitiligo




In Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a condition where the skin's natural color disappears in patches. Melgain Lotion effectively blocks that process within the skin that results in discoloration. It also minimizes discomfort, redness or itching that could result from this condition. This boosts confidence and confidence when your appearance is altered. It is important to apply it according to the directions in order to reap the maximum benefits.



Most side effects don't require medical attention, and fade as your body becomes accustomed to your medication. Contact your physician if they persist or you're concerned about them.

Common adverse effects of Melgain

Dry skin

Skin irritation

The sensation of burning



This medicine is intended for use on the outside only. Apply this medication in the dosage and for the duration recommended by your physician. Shake the medicine well and apply all over the area.



Melgain Lotion acts as an agent that repigments. It is a repigmenting agent that causes the movement from skin cells (melanocytes) from the skin area surrounding the vitiligo spot. This causes creation of melanin (skin darkening pigment) and restores skin's color.




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Information about how to use Melgain Lotion in pregnancy has not been made available. Consult your physician.

Breast feeding

Information on using Melgain Lotion when nursing isn't available. Consult your physician.


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If you have missed the dosage of the Melgain Lotion apply it as quickly as you can. If it's nearing the time to apply your next dose, avoid any missed doses and get to your normal schedule. Do not increase the dose.



How do you use a Melgain Lotion?

Make use of Melgain Lotion precisely as recommended by your physician. Be sure to read the directions carefully prior to applying the lotion. Wash and dry the surface thoroughly, then apply the lotion in a thin layer. For the best results, apply the lotion approximately 2 hours prior to retiring in the evening. Be sure to not contact the patches for at least an hour. The next day expose the patches to intense sunlight for about 10 minutes. If you are unable to expose the patches to sunlight, you can opt to use ultraviolet lamps.

What is Melgain Lotion work?

Melgain Lotion enhances the development of the cells that produce pigment (melanocytes). It boosts melanocytes in the patches (hypopigmented region). It also aids melanocytes move into the affected areas and restore skin tone.

What is the safety of Melgain Lotion?

Melgain Lotion is extremely safe if it is used according to the directions. There are no adverse reactions or contraindications have been observed to date. Should you notice any adverse effects following the application of the lotion, speak to your physician right away.

What is the length of time I will need to make use of Melgain Lotion?

The length of treatment is contingent on the patient's response. The reaction is more rapid when children are involved or in patches that have recently been developed. Re-pigmentation is typically visible in the borders or within that white area (as tiny dots) within 3 to 6 months, depending in the age and condition of the white patches. For many patients complete recovery of pigmentation can take as long as one year.

Can childhood vitiligo go away?

There is no solution that completely cures vitiligo. Sometimes, the patches will disappear by themselves. In general, the patches might repigment, but never completely cured.

What is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder of the skin which causes white patches of skin because of the disappearance of the normal pigment for skin known as melanin. It is caused when the cells that provide your skin its colour are destroyed. The patches may also affect your nose, mouth and eyes. The condition is common in families, and generally begins prior to 40 years old

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