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Zycel 100mg Capsule is a pain relieving medication. It reduces redness, pain and swelling caused by conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. 


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Celecoxib (100mg)


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Zycel 100mg Capsule is a pain relieving medication. It reduces redness, pain and swelling caused by conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. It does this by preventing releases of specific chemicals that trigger inflammation and pain.

Zycel 100 Capsule is consumed with and without meals. It should be taken regularly according to your doctor's recommendations. Your doctor can alter the amount and frequency between doses depending on the severity of your pain and requirements. Don't take more or take it for longer than prescribed by your physician.

Common side effects of this drug include stomach discomfort flatulence, diarrhea, flu-like symptoms, as well as peripheral edema. When any one of the side effects irritate you, or aren't going to disappear, consult your physician. Your doctor might be able to assist by suggesting ways to lessen or eliminate these signs by prescribing an alternative medication or altering the dosage.

The medication could not be suitable for all. Before you start taking it, informs your physician know if you suffer from any issues regarding your kidneys, heart or liver. Avoid the consumption of alcohol when you are taking this medication. Inform your doctor of any other medications you are taking as they could affect, or affect this medication. Breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women should seek advice from their physician prior to taking this medication as it may cause adverse effects for the infant in development.



  • Treatment for Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Treatment of Osteoarthritis



The Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Zycel 100 Capsule works by blocking the effects of some chemicals that cause inflammation. It helps alleviate stiffness, pain, and swelling of joints, and also slow down the process of joint and bone injuries. This will allow you to perform everyday activities with ease and improve your overall quality of life. It is recommended to take this medicine daily at the same time every day for maximum benefit. Take it as long as you feel good since it helps prevent future injury and improving the symptoms.

In Treatment of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is an illness that causes stiffness and pain in joints. Zycel 100 Capsule can help relieve discomfort and decreases swelling and inflammation in your joints as a result of the disease. This helps ensure that you live a longer and more active level of living.

Also, think about simple lifestyle adjustments such as regular exercising and weight loss, ensuring proper posture during various daily tasks, and putting on comfortable shoes. This will assist you in managing osteoarthritis-related symptoms efficiently in the long term.



You should take this medication at the amount and time recommended by your physician. Zycel 100 Capsule is consumed with or without food, but it's recommended to take it at a specific time.



Zycel 100 Capsule is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication (NSAID) also known as COX-2 inhibitors. It acts by preventing the release of chemical messengers responsible for inflammation and pain (redness as well as swelling).




It is not recommended to drink alcohol while taking Zycel 100 Capsule.


Zycel 100 Capsule is not recommended to be used during pregnancy since there is no evidence to suggest potential danger for the growing baby. However, doctors may only prescribe it in critical situations where it is more beneficial than the risk. Consult your physician.

Breast feeding

Zycel 100 Capsule may be suitable for use during breastfeeding. A small amount of human studies suggest that the product doesn't pose any major risk to the infant.


Zycel 100 Capsule can cause a decrease in alertness, impact your vision, or cause you to feel tired and dizzy. Don't drive if any of these symptoms appear.


Zycel 100 Capsule must be administered with caution to patients suffering from kidney disease. Adjusting the dosage of Zycel 100 Capsule might be required. Talk to your doctor.
Zycel 100 Capsules is not advised for patients suffering from severe kidney disease.


Zycel 100 Capsule is recommended to be administered with caution to those suffering from liver disease. A dose adjustment for Zycel 100 Capsule might be necessary. Talk to your doctor.
Zycel 100 Capsule isn't recommended for those suffering from chronic liver problems. Inform your physician and discontinue taking this medication in the event that you show any signs of liver damage.



If you have missed the dose of Zycel 100 Capsule, you should take it as soon as you can. But, if it's nearing the time to take the next dose, you can skip your missed dosage and get back to your regular routine. Don't double the dosage.



Are Zycel 100 Capsule illegal in India?

No. Zycel 100 Capsule is not prohibited in India. It is available legally with a prescription

Is Zycel 100 Capsule gluten free?

Yes. Zycel 100 Capsule is free of gluten. But, you should refer to the packaging inserts of the brand you are prescribed to before using

Are Zycel 100 Capsule secure?

Yes. Zycel 100 Capsule is secure if you use it according to the guidelines. If you experience any adverse effects seek out your physician.

Does Zycel 100 Capsule count as a addicting or narcotic drug?

No. Zycel 100 Capsule does not constitute a drug that is addictive or narcotic.

Do Zycel 100 capsules trigger drowsiness or weight gain, or cause constipation?

Zycel 100 Capsule can cause weight gain, drowsiness or constipation. If you notice any of these symptoms, speak with your doctor.

Is celecoxib a source of aspirin codeine, or sulfa?

No. Celecoxib is a kind of compound that is medicinal in nature. It is not a source of codeine, aspirin, or sulfa

What is Zycel 100 Capsule work?

Zycel 100 Capsule is effective by preventing the production of prostaglandins chemicals within the body which trigger inflammation and pain, thus diminishing swelling and pain symptoms.

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