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Zurig 40Mg Tablet is drug that is used to treat and help prevent Gout. Gout occurs when there are excess uric acids within your body.


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Zurig 40Mg Tablet is drug that is used to treat and help prevent Gout. Gout occurs when there are excess uric acids within your body. It creates crystals that form around joints, which can cause pain and swelling of joints. This medicine can help maintain a low level of uric acid.

Zurig 40 Tablet can be taken either with or without food. It is important to take the dosage recommended by your physician even if don't have an attack of gout. If you stop taking it, the symptoms could become worse due to the growth of crystals within your joints. It is possible to help yourself by making some adjustments to your eating habits (eg. abstaining from alcohol and non-vegetarian meals) and consuming ample fluids.

A few of the most frequent side effects that this medication can cause are diarrhea, headache nausea, headache, and skin rashes. There may be a brief rise in the symptoms of gout (rapid beginning of intense discomfort, heat and redness in the joint) as you first begin using the medicine. However, you should not discontinue taking the medication. Your doctor may recommend painkillers or other medications to ease or stop these signs. Contact your physician immediately when you experience any signs of liver disease, such as frequent dizziness, dark urine or a yellowing of your eyes or the skin.

Before you take this medication inform your doctor whether you suffer from heart or stroke issues thyroid problems, liver or kidney issues. If you are breastfeeding or pregnant this medication should be avoided. Consult your physician. You'll need frequent blood tests when you take this medication to ensure that your liver is functioning correctly.



  • Treatment of Gout



In Treatment of Gout

Zurig 40 Tablets are used to prevent and treat Gout. Gout is the result of excessive the body's uric acid. If the amount is too high, crystals could develop around and in joints as well as your kidneys. This could cause extreme pain that is sudden and redness, as well as warmth and swelling. This medication works by stopping crystals from developing and decreasing the level of uric acids that you have in blood. This decreases the chance to suffer from symptoms, and makes them less severe in the event that you do suffer from these. This is typically for long-term treatment, and must be used frequently until the dosage is complete.



The majority of side effects doesn’t require medical attention, and fade as the body adapts the medication. Contact your physician if they persist or you're concerned about them.

Common adverse effects Zurig



The liver enzymes are boosted


Skin itchy rash



You should take this medication at the dosage and duration prescribed by your physician. Inhale it all in one go. Don't chew or crush it. Zurig 40 Tablet can be consumed with or without food however, it is best to consume it at a specific time.



Zurig 40 Tablet acts as a xanthine oxide inhibitor. It helps in reducing blood uric acid, the chemical responsible for causing gout.




It is recommended to be cautious when drinking alcohol when taking Zurig 40 tablet. Make sure to consult your physician.


Zurig 40 Tablet could be dangerous to take during pregnancy. While there are only a few studies on animals, studies on humans have demonstrated adverse effects on the growing baby. Your doctor will consider the advantages and potential risks before prescribing this to you. Consult your physician.

Breast feeding

Zurig 40 Tablet is most likely unsuitable for breastfeeding mothers. The limited human research suggests that the drug can be absorbed into milk and harm the infant.


Zurig 40 Tablet could produce side effects that can impact your ability to drive.
Zurig 40 Tablet can cause dizziness, blurred vision, sleepiness the sensation of tingling or numbness. It could affect your driving abilities.


Zurig 40 Tablet is to be used with caution for patients with serious kidney diseases. A dose adjustment for Zurig 40 Tablet might be required. Consult your physician.
The information available is limited regarding the treatment Zurig 40 Tablet. Zurig 40 Tablet for these patients.


Zurig 40 Tablet should be taken with caution for patients suffering from serious liver diseases. Adjusting the dosage of Zurig 40 Tablet might be necessary. Talk to your doctor.
The information available is limited regarding the usage for Zurig 40 Tablet in these patients.



If you have missed the dosage Zurig 40 Tablet and you are unable to take it, do so immediately. But, if it's nearing the time to take your next dose, avoid your missed dosage and get back to your regular routine. Don't double the dosage.



What exactly is Zurig 40 Tablet employed to do?

Zurig 40 Tablet is used to treat the symptoms of gout in adults. It is usually prescribed to patients who have not responded to treatment with allopurinol, or aren't capable of taking allopurinol. Gout is a kind of arthritis that occurs when the naturally occurring substance within the body, accumulates within joints. It triggers sudden bouts of swelling, redness heat, and pain in one or more joints.

What are the potential side consequences from Zurig 40 tablet?

Zurig 40 Tablet can result in typical side effects, such as abnormal liver tests, diarrhea, nausea, headache, rash as well as an increase in symptoms of gout and swelling in the local area due to the retention of fluids in tissue (edema). However, the most serious adverse consequences from Zurig 40 Tablet are Gout flares, heart problems and liver problems. It can also cause extreme allergic reactions to skin. Contact your physician immediately when you notice any serious adverse reactions.

What is the recommended time to be taking Zurig 40 tablet?

The duration and dosage for Zurig 40 Tablet differs depending on the individual and are determined by your physician. It may take a few weeks before Zurig 40 Tablet starts to stop gout attacks. Don't discontinue the use of Zurig 40 Tablet without following the guidance of your physician even when you feel better.

What is the most appropriate moment to take Zurig 40 tablet?

Zurig 40 Tablet is recommended to take it at least once a every day. It is able to be consumed at any point during the day; however it is recommended to take it in the same order each day to ensure that you are reminded to take it each day. This will aid in maintaining your levels of Zurig 40 Tablet within the body. This medicine can be taken in combination with as or with no food.

Can Zurig 40 Tablet cause kidney damage?

Zurig 40 Tablet can alter kidney function in a variety of ways, but it's extremely rare. It is possible to experience urine with blood regular urination kidney stones, irregular urine tests (increased amount of proteins in urine) as well as a decline in the capability of your kidneys to function normally. Sometimes, it can result in changes or a decrease in urine volume because of inflammation in the kidneys (tubulointerstitial Nephritis). Talk to your doctor if kidney function is affected further.

Do I have to quit the Zurig 40 Tablet on my own, if I'm fine and have no swelling or pain in my joints?

Do not discontinue using Zurig 40 Tablet with your physician's guidance even when you are feeling better. The discontinuation of medication can increase the amount of Uric acid. This can also cause an increase in your symptoms as a result of the formation of new urate crystals within and around your kidneys and joints.

What is the most important information I must know before I am taking Zurig 40 tablet?

Be informed of the fact that Zurig 40 Tablet could cause serious heart problems that could pose a life-threatening risk in some instances. The signs of heart issues include chest discomfort, breathlessness or difficulty breathing dizziness, fainting, feeling lightheaded, or a fast and irregular heartbeat. It can also trigger weakness or numbness on the opposite side that you are in, blurring speech, sudden blurred vision, or sudden and severe headaches. Contact your physician immediately and seek medical attention in the event that you notice one of the symptoms listed above.

Does Zurig 40 Tablet cause liver issues?

Yes, Zurig 40 Tablet use may cause liver problems. Your physician might advise you to have regular blood tests before or during the treatment process with Zurig 40 Tablet in order to determine how your liver function was before and after taking this medicine. Tell your doctor if observe any signs of fatigue, pain, swelling on the side that is right of your abdomen, or a loss of appetite for a period of time or for longer. It can also result in variations in color your urine (dark or tea colored) and can cause you skin, or even the white area of your eye become in a yellow color (jaundice).

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