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Virovir 250Mg Tablet is a medicine that fights viruses. It assists in treating viral infections such as herpes labialis, herpes simplex viruses, genital herpes, and shingles disease. 


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Virovir 250Mg Tablet is a medicine that fights viruses. It assists in treating viral infections such as herpes labialis, herpes simplex viruses, genital herpes, and shingles disease. It stops the spread of the virus within human cells and thus aids in removing the infection.

Virovir 250 Tablet is to be taken at the amount and time recommended by your physician. Don't skip any dose and complete the entire regimen even when you are feeling better. It is a good idea to take it without or with food, but it is recommended to have it taken at a specific time. If you do not take a dose, make sure you take it as soon as you can. However, if it's nearing the time to take your next dose, avoid any missed doses and then return to your normal schedule to prevent overdose. It is important to drink plenty of water during treatment with this medication as it prevents damage to the kidneys and dehydration.

A few of the side effects associated with this medication include headaches dizziness, vomiting as well as fatigue, nausea and a fever. Inform your doctor if any of these symptoms persist for longer than. Consult your physician in case you are trying to conceive, or nursing.



  • Herpes Labialis
  • Herpes Simplex Virus Infections
  • Shingles
  • Genital herpes virus



In Herpes labialis

Herpes labialis, also known as cold sores is a virulent condition that is most commonly affecting the lips. The signs typically include the sensation of burning and then small sores or blisters. The first attack can be associated with fever, sore throat, or enlarged lymph nodes. Virovir 250 Tablets can help speed the healing process for herpes labialis, and can also stop the recurrence of sores.

In Herpes Simplex Virus Infections

Virovir 250 Tablet is a medicine that fights viruses. It reduces the spread and growth of the herpesvirus in the body. It is not a cure for herpes, nor will it stop transmitting the virus to other people. However, it may help speed the healing of sores, and lessen the signs like tingling, pain burning, and itching. Follow the doctor's advice carefully to maximize the benefits.

In Shingles

Shingles is a type of viral infection which causes an itch that is painful. Virovir 250 Tablet will reduce the duration and severity of the shingles. It's most effective if you begin treatment as early as is possible after a rash develops. A healthy immune system is the most effective way to avoid shingles. A good diet and hygiene routine is another method to prevent the development of shingles.

The cause is Genital herpes infection

Genital herpes is an extremely common sexually transmitted disease with genital pains and sores. It is a problem for both females and males. The symptoms include itching, pain and irritation. Virovir 250 Tablet aids in treating symptoms efficiently and prevents spreading of the infection virus.



The majority of side effects doesn’t require medical attention and will disappear once the body adjusts your medication. Contact your physician if they persist or you're concerned about them.

Common adverse reactions of Virovir





Abdominal pain


Abnormal tests for liver function

The blood has more lipase, which is a major component.

Serum amylase levels are elevated.



You should take this medicine at the dosage and duration recommended by your physician. Take it in a single swallow. Don't chew or crush it. Virovir 250 Tablet is a tablet that can be taken either with or without food, however it is recommended to consume it at a specific time.



Virovir 250 Tablets is a medication that fights viruses. It stops the proliferation of viruses in human cells. It stops the virus from generating new viruses, and also helps to eliminate the illness.




It isn't known if the safest way to drink alcohol while taking Virovir 250 tablet. Consult your physician.


Virovir 250 Tablet is generally regarded as safe to be used during pregnancy. Studies on animals have demonstrated minimal or no adverse reactions on the baby's development However, there are only a few human studies.

Breast feeding

Virovir 250 Tablet could be unsuitable for use during breastfeeding. The limited human research suggests that the drug could infiltrate breastmilk and cause harm to the baby.


Virovir 250 Tablet could reduce alertness, alter your vision, or cause you to feel tired and dizzy. Avoid driving if these symptoms appear.


Virovir 250 Tablet is recommended to be taken with caution for patients suffering from kidney disease. A dose adjustment for Virovir 250 Tablet could be required. Talk to your doctor.


Virovir 250 Tablet is to be taken cautiously in patients suffering from chronic liver problems. A dose adjustment for Virovir 250 Tablet might be required. Consult your physician.
A limited amount of information is available about the usage of Virovir 250 Tablets within these patient populations. Dose adjustments are not recommended in patients with mild or moderate liver disease.



If you missed the dosage of Virovir 250 Tablet and you are unable to take it, do so whenever you can. If it's nearing the time to take your next dose, avoid any missed doses and get back to your normal schedule. Do not increase the dosage.



Does Virovir 250 Tablet help in preventing the spread of infection to other people?

You are not able to be infected by other people even if you're receiving treatment by Virovir 250 Tablet. Herpes infections are infectious and should be avoided if affected areas come into contact with people. Be careful not to touch the eyes following contact with an affected region. Make sure to wash your hands regularly to ensure that you don't transmit the disease to other people. Make sure you are practicing safe sex using condoms. Sexual contact should be avoided when you suffer from genital sores or blisters.

Is Virovir 250 Tablet effective?

Virovir 250 Tablet is effective when used at the dosage and timeframe recommended by your doctor. Don't discontinue taking it even there is improvements in your condition. If you stop taking Virovir 250 Tablet in the too-short timeframe, symptoms could return or become worse.

Do I have to quit taking Virovir 250 Tablet once I am feeling better?

Don't quit using Virovir 250 Tablet without consulting your physician even if you're feeling better. The symptoms could worsen prior to the infection being fully cured. So, to ensure a more full treatment, it is recommended to keep your treatment according to the timeframe you are given.

What should I discuss with my doctor prior to starting treatments with Virovir 250 tablet?

Before you begin the treatment using Virovir 250 Tablet inform your physician about any other health concerns related to liver or kidney problems. These are because some medical issues can influence your treatment, and may require dosage adjustments. Be sure to inform your doctor of all other medicines you take as they could impact or be affected by this medication. Let your doctor know if are planning to have a baby or if you are pregnant or lactating.

What are the most serious adverse effects Virovir 250 Tablet?

The risk of serious side effects is low but if you notice these symptoms, consults a doctor immediately. The most common side effects are an allergic reaction, blisters or peeling rash, yellow or red skin or eyes unusual bleeding or bruising and loss of consciousness breathlessness, fits hallucinations, swelling of the tongue, face and throat.

Do elderly patients have to be more cautious while using Virovir 250 Tablet?

Senior citizens (over 65 years of age) are more likely to suffer adverse effects while taking Virovir 250 Tablet. The reason is that their kidneys aren't flushing the drug from their system as fast as the kidneys of a younger person will. Patients who are older must drink plenty of fluids when taking Virovir 250 Tablet as well as their renal function must be closely monitored. Patients with kidney problems should receive an equivalence dose and have a check-up for any neurological issues.

What happens if I don't take the amount of Virovir 250 Tablet?

If you miss the dose or dose of Virovir 250 Tablet then take it when you remember. But, if it's nearing the time to take your next dose, avoid the dose that was missed and begin the next dose according to the timetable. Doesn’t double the dose to compensate for the missed dose since this could increase your risk of experiencing adverse side effects.

What happens if someone consumes greater than recommended dosage of Virovir 250 Tablet in error?

Inadvertent, repeated overdoses of the oral Virovir 250 Tablet over a period of time can cause nausea as well as vomiting, confusion and headache. See your physician in the event of an overdose.

Will I be resistance to Virovir 250 Tablets?

Patients suffering from more advanced HIV disease or with a compromised immune system have observed an inability to respond Virovir 250 tablets. If you're having difficulty responding in any way to Virovir 250 Tablet there is a chance that resistance to the drug should be considered.

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