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Prasita 10mg Tablet is part of a class of medications known as antiplatelets, also known as blood thinners. It prevents the development of blood clots.


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Prasita 10mg Tablet is part of a class of medications known as antiplatelets, also known as blood thinners. It prevents the development of blood clots that are harmful and helps keep blood flowing freely throughout your body. This reduces the risk of a stroke or heart attack in people who suffer from heart disease.

Prasita 10mg Tablet can be used to treat people suffering from a recent cardiac attack, or severe chest discomfort (unstable angina) or who have undergone the procedure of stenting the heart. It assists in preventing serious heart-related issues, such as having another stroke, heart attack or the the formation of blood clots inside stents.

The medicine is often given along with aspirin or another antiplatelet drug. It is able to be taken either with or without food, and must be taken on a regular basis throughout the day. It is crucial to continue taking this medication even when you feel good. Should you discontinue taking the medication it could increase the chance of having another heart attack or stroke.

The most frequently reported side effect that occurs with this medication is bleeding. It can take the form of bruises nose bleeding as well as bloody urine stool (black-colored stool) or more frequent periods that are not normal for women. If you are injured or cut yourself, it might take a longer time than usual for bleeding to cease. These bleeding episodes are generally mild and disappear in their own time. But, it is recommended to see your doctor immediately when the bleeding continues or is causing you concern.

This medicine is not appropriate for all people. Avoid taking it if you're bleeding from any part of the body, such as an stomach ulcer or bleeding inside the brain or if you suffer from serious liver issues. Before you take it make sure you inform your doctor whether you've ever experienced an issue in your blood getting clots in the right way or if suffered a recent severe injury or procedure. This medication may have to be halted temporarily prior to scheduled surgery as well as dental treatment.



  •  Prevention of Heart attack    
  •  Prevention of Stroke    



For Prevention of Heart attack

Prasita 10-mg tablet is a medicine to treat platelet disorders or blood thinner. It prevents plateslets, which are cells that stick together and prevents the blood from clotting in blood vessels and veins. This allows blood to circulate freely around your body and prevents stroke or heart attack (or deep vein thrombosis, or lung embolism). Use this medication regularly and implement the appropriate lifestyle changes to maximize the benefits. It is typically prescribed with a small dose of aspirin, which assists in preventing blood becoming clots.



The majority of side effects doesn’t require medical attention, and fade as the body adapts your medication. Contact your physician if they persist or if you're concerned about them.

Common negative side reactions of Prasita




Use this medication at the dosage and duration recommended by your physician. Inhale it all in one go. Don't chew or crush it. Prasita 10mg Tablet can be consumed without or with food, however it is best to take it in a specific time.



Prasita 10mg Tablet is an antiplatelet drug. It prevents platelets from forming a solid which reduces the development of blood clots that are harmful. This decreases the chance of a coronary artery attack, stroke or heart.




Drinking alcohol with Prasita 10mg Tablet will not have any adverse negative side negative effects.


Prasita 10 mg Tablet is generally regarded as safe when used during the pregnancy. Animal studies have revealed minimal or no adverse reactions on the baby's development However there are a limited number of human studies.

Breast feeding

Prasita 10 mg Tablet is likely safe to use while breastfeeding. The limited human research indicates that the drug is not a significant danger to the infant.


Prasita 10 mg Tablet doesn't usually impact your driving ability.


Prasita 10mg Tablet is most likely safe to use for patients suffering from kidney disease. There is limited evidence to suggest that dose adjustment for Prasita 10 mg Tablet might not be required in those patients. Consult your physician.


Prasita 10mg Tablet is to be used cautiously in patients suffering from serious liver disease. A dose adjustment for Prasita 10 mg Tablet could be required. Consult your physician.
There is limited information available about the usage of Prasita 10 mg Tablet in these patients. There is no need for dose adjustments for patients with mild to moderate liver disease.



If you do not take the dose of Prasita 10mg Tablet, make sure you take it as quickly as you can. But, if it's nearing the time to take your next dose, avoid any missed doses and return to your regular routine. Do not increase the dosage.



What is Prasita 10mg tablet a blood thinner?

It is true; Prasita 10mg Tablet is a kind of blood thinner. It is a way of preventing plaquelets (type that make up blood cells) from getting stuck together and forming blood clots. This is the reason why Prasita 10mg Tablet assists in preventing conditions such as stroke or heart attack for people suffering from heart disease that recently had an attack on their heart or chest pain due to heart disease (unstable angina).

Do you have to drink alcohol when taking Prasita 10 mg Tablet?

It is not recommended to drink alcohol when taking Prasita 10 mg Tablet because alcohol can increase your risk of bleeding from your stomach. This means that you could be able to vomit blood (which could be bright red or black/dark brown similar to ground coffee) or experience black or bloody tarry stool. Consult your physician in case you're not sure.

Do you think it is safe to take aspirin when taking Prasita 10 mg Tablet?

Prasita 10mg Tablets are typically given along with aspirin to treat life-threatening issues that can arise from blood vessels or the heart (like coronary heart disease, strokes, or clot formation in the surgical stent). This combination of medicines is prescribed to patients who recently suffered a heart attack, have undergone angioplasty (stent placement within blocked blood vessels in the heart)had a heart attack or stroke, or underwent an angioplasty procedure to eliminate the blockage in the arteries that provide blood to the heart. It is recommended to consult with your doctor prior to taking any medication if you are taking Prasita 10 mg Tablet and adhere to the physician's recommendations to reap the maximum benefits.

Do I have to stop Prasita 10 mg Tablet before surgery?

Your doctor will decide if you should quit the use of Prasita 10mg Tablet prior to any procedure or treatment, or not. In general, if surgery or treatment is scheduled prior to the time doctors may recommend stopping Prasita 10mg Tablet just a several days (usually 7 days) before the procedure or treatment due to the higher risk of bleeding that could occur during the procedure. It is not recommended to discontinue using Prasita 10 mg Tablet on your own, without talking to your doctor.

Which is the primary information I should to be aware of regarding Prasita 10mg tablet?

Prasita 10 mg Tablet could cause life-threatening bleeding. In addition, you may get a bruise quickly and it could take longer than normal bleeding to stop in the case of an injury that is minor, such as the small cut you made during shaving. Take immediate medical assistance in the event that you notice an increase or persistent bleeding. Inform your physician if you notice black tarry stools, or the presence of blood in your urine. Be alert for any indications of stroke like sudden weakness or numbness (one either side of your body) or difficulty walking and walking, blurred speech, mental confusion dizziness, or any other unrelated headache. Consult your physician immediately if you experience any signs of stroke, as stroke is not a common adverse effect of Prasita 10mg Tablet that requires immediate medical attention since it is a possibility of death.

What happens if I don't take an amount of Prasita 10mg Tablet?

If you've missed an dose of Prasita 10 mg Tablet, you should take it whenever your memory allows. If it's close to the time for your next dose, you should take it according to your usual schedule rather than taking your dose missed. Don't increase the dosage to compensate for the missed dose since this could increase the risk of developing adverse reactions.

How long do I have for me to consume Prasita 10mg Tablet following the stent has been inserted?

The duration for taking Prasita 10 mg Tablet is determined by your physician after taking into consideration several factors, including the condition that you are treating the type of stent you are putting in or any bleeding episodes that you experience during treatment, etc. Typically, it's advised for a minimum for 1 year. But, you must follow your doctor's instructions precisely to maximize the benefits of Prasita 10 mg tablet. Consult your physician prior to stopping the medication, since abrupt discontinuation can increase the risk of clot formation within the heart, stent, and may even cause death.

What should I stay away from while taking Prasita 10 mg Tablet?

Avoid any activities that increase the risk of bleeding. Be cautious when cutting or cleaning your teeth to avoid bleeding. Avoid taking painkillers. However, should you require Ibuprofen, for example, to relieve joint backache, headache, pain and so on, talk to your doctor first. This is due to the fact that using painkillers along together with Prasita 10mg Tablet could increase the risk of developing ulcers in your stomach and bleeding. Avoid drinking alcohol in excess when you take Prasita 10mg Tablet since it may cause irritation to your stomach and cause ulcers in the stomach, too.

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