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Pradaxa 150mg Capsule acts as an anticoagulant, also known as a blood thinner. It assists in preventing and treating blood clots.


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Dabigatran Etexilate (150mg)


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Pradaxa 150mg Capsule acts as an anticoagulant, also known as a blood thinner. It assists in preventing and treating blood clots. It helps reduce the risk of having a stroke and heart attacks. It helps prevent and treat the formation of clots in the veins in your lungs, legs heart, brain and.

Pradaxa 150mg Capsule is typically employed in patients with irregular heart rhythms (atrial fibrillation) to stop the formation of clots. It also decreases the risk of developing clots in people who have had hip or knee replacement surgery. It is safe to take in conjunction with or without food however, it is recommended to take it in the same order each day. It is possible to use this medication for a long time or even all of your rest of your life in certain instances. Don't take it off or alter dosage without consulting your physician. It could make you more susceptible of suffering a stroke, heart attack as well as thrombosis (formation of an encapsulated blood clot in the blood vessel). Reduce the chance of developing an artery clot form by altering your lifestyle. This includes abstaining from smoking, following a balanced diet, engaging in regular exercise and losing weight when you have to.

The most frequently reported side effect that is reported with Pradaxa 150mg Capsule is stomach upsets and bleeding more frequently than usual, such as experiencing nosebleeds or bruising. If you notice any of these symptoms consult your physician immediately. Other adverse effects could include seizures, headaches as well as allergic reactions and changes in your eyesight, fatigue and sleepiness.

Don't take this medication when you suffer from serious liver or kidney issues If you are currently bleeding or taking other medications to decrease blood clotting. It is not recommended to breastfeed during the time you take this medication. In contrast to other anticoagulants, a regularly scheduled testing of the blood (PT-INR) will not be necessary for this medicine.



  •  The treatment and preventative of Blood Clots  



Treatment and prevention of blood Clots

Pradaxa 150mg Capsule can be described as a form of medicine referred to for its anticoagulant properties. While it doesn't "dissolve" blood clots, it will stop the clots from growing so that your body will dissolve them in time. It also stops new ones from developing. It does this by blocking a substance within the body that plays a role in the process of blood clotting. It keeps blood flowing freely throughout your body and decreases the likelihood that a clot forms within blood vessels. This could help in preventing or reducing the injuries caused by strokes and clots within the lung (pulmonary embolism) as well as different blood vessels (thrombosis). It may also make the odds less favorable that pieces of a clot rupture and move across the body. It is recommended to take it on a regular basis and implement the appropriate lifestyle changes to ensure that this medication is efficient.



The majority of side effects doesn’t require medical attention, and will disappear once the body adapts your medication. Contact your physician if they persist or you're concerned about them.

Common negative side effects of Pradaxa


 Anemia (low amount of blood red cells)  

 Gastrointestinal bleeding  



 Abdominal pain  


 Skin bleeding  



You should take this medication at the amount and time prescribed by your doctor. Pradaxa 150mg Capsule can be taken without or with food, however it is recommended to have it taken at a set time.



Pradaxa 150mg Capsule contains new oral anticoagulant (NOAC). It prevents the formation of blood clots within the body.




It is dangerous to drink alcohol while taking Pradaxa 150mg capsule.


Pradaxa 150mg Capsule is unsuitable for use during pregnancy. Although there aren't many studies on human beings, animal studies have demonstrated adverse effects on the growing baby. Your doctor will evaluate the advantages and potential dangers before prescribing the medication to you. Talk to your doctor.

Breast feeding

Pradaxa 150mg Capsule may be not safe to use while breastfeeding. The limited human research suggests that the drug can be absorbed into milk and harm the infant.


Pradaxa 150mg Capsule is not normally impair your ability to drive.


Pradaxa 150mg Capsule is to be administered with caution to patients suffering from kidney disease that is severe. A dose adjustment for Pradaxa 150mg Capsule might be necessary. Consult your physician.
Utilization of Pradaxa 150mg Capsule isn't advised for patients suffering from severe kidney disease.


Pradaxa 150mg Capsule is to be taken with caution in liver disease patients. Adjusting the dosage of Pradaxa 150mg Capsule could be required. Talk to your doctor.



If you have missed an dosage in Pradaxa 150mg Capsule, you should take it as soon as you can the next day. The dose missed is best skipped if it must be taken for at minimum 6 hours prior to the next dose scheduled. Don't double the dose to fill in the missed dose.



What is the best time to take Pradaxa 150mg capsules?

Most of the time, Pradaxa 150mg Capsule is advised to be taken twice each day at the same moment throughout the day. Two doses must be taken in intervals between 12 and 24 hours.

Can I drink alcohol while taking Pradaxa Capsule 150mg?

Drinking alcohol when using Pradaxa 150mg Capsule may boost the effectiveness of the medicine, increasing the risk of bleeding. Drinking alcohol regularly can cause gastric ulcers that could then cause bleeding. It is therefore recommended to stay clear of alcohol when you are taking this medication. Make sure to consult your doctor in case any bleeding happens.

Can Pradaxa 150mg Capsule cause hair loss?

In comparison to other medications that thin blood, Pradaxa 150mg Capsule does typically not result in hair loss. However, there are certain instances of hair loss that are associated to Pradaxa 150mg Capsule. See your physician if you suffer from hair loss after you is taking Pradaxa 150mg Capsule, to eliminate any other causes of loss of hair.

What time will I be feeling more refreshed after having Pradaxa 150mg capsules?

Pradaxa 150mg Capsule lowers your chance for developing blood clots within the blood vessels in your lungs, leg the brain, and the heart. There may not be any change following the use of Pradaxa 150mg capsule. But, you should continue following the prescription given by your physician since you'll continue to reap all the benefits.

Does Pradaxa 150mg Capsule have an effect on the liver?

Contrary to other anticoagulants Pradaxa 150mg Capsule does not interfere with the function that the liver performs. However, long-term usage of Pradaxa 150mg Capsule can increase the risk of sustaining mild liver injuries for patients who have high levels of liver enzymes. However, the chances of developing such a problem are much lower than other anticoagulants. It is recommended to consult your physician if you are a victim of liver disease prior to taking this medication.

How do I store Pradaxa 150mg capsules?

Pradaxa 150mg Capsule is best stored at room temperatures between 59degF and 86degF (15degC up to 30 degrees Celsius). Keep the capsules in an area that is dry and secure the capsules from water. Secure the bottle when finished using it and ensure it's out of child's reach. When the bottle is opened, it must be utilized for a period of 4 months. If not used for 4 months, you should dispose of them in a secure way.

Is it possible that using Pradaxa 150mg Capsule cause an increase in the chance of bleeding?

Absolutely, Pradaxa 150mg capsule increases chance of bleeding. Always take care when doing things that could cause bleeding or injury. Inform your doctor right away whenever you notice an unusual bleeding or bruises.

Who is not a candidate to take Pradaxa 150mg capsules?

Patients who experience abnormal bleeding or people who are allergic to Pradaxa 150mg Capsule shouldn't use it. Pradaxa 150mg Capsule must also be removed from the diet of people who suffer from synthetic (prosthetic) hearts valves. So, tell your doctor whether you've ever been through or are planning to have the valve of the heart repaired.

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