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Penegra Xpress 100 mg is a medication used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. It contains Sildenafil Citrate, which is a PDE5 inhibitor.

Penegra Xpress-100Mg

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Sildenafil Citrate


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Penegra Xpress 100 Mg

Penegra Xpress 100 mg is a medication used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. It contains Sildenafil Citrate, which is a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor. Sildenafil Citrate works by increasing blood flow to the penis, which helps men achieve and maintain an erection during sexual stimulation.

How to use?

It comes in the form of orally disintegrating tablets, which means that the tablets can be placed on the tongue and will dissolve quickly without the need for water. This makes it more convenient to take for men who have difficulty swallowing pills.

To use it, it is recommended to take one tablet approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour before sexual activity. The tablet should be placed on the tongue and allowed to dissolve before swallowing. The medication can be taken with or without food, but it is recommended to avoid high-fat meals as they can reduce the effectiveness of the medication. The effects of this pill can last for up to 4-6 hours after it is taken.

As with any medication, Penegra Xpress 100 mg can cause side effects such as headache, dizziness, flushing, and upset stomach. It is important to talk to your healthcare provider about any medical conditions you have and any medications you are taking to ensure that sildenafil 100 online is safe for you. It is also important to follow the dosage recommendations of your healthcare provider to ensure the safest and most effective treatment.

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