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Ovral G Tablet is used to prevent pregnancy (to stop pregnancy) and also in dealing with irregular menstrual cycles. It prevents fertilization and release of eggs.


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Norgestrel (0.5mg) + Ethinyl Estradiol (0.05mg)


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Ovral G Tablet is used to prevent pregnancy (to stop pregnancy) and also in dealing with irregular menstrual cycles. It prevents fertilization and release of eggs.

Ovral G Tablets is a tablet that can be taken in conjunction with or without food however, it is best to take it with food to reap the maximum benefits. It is recommended to take it according to the advice of your physician. You must start taking the pill on the first day of your menstrual period and continue to take it for the entire month. When the pack is finished it, you can start a new one. If you feel nauseated within 4 hours after taking your dose you should take another tablet. If you have missed your dose and are delayed by 12 hours when you take the dose you missed, take condoms during your intercourse for 2 days.

Nausea, headache as well as breast discomfort are a few frequently reported side effects of this medication. If they bother you or seem to be serious, inform your doctor be aware. There could be methods to reduce or prevent these. There may be spotting or bleeding between menstrual periods, or missed menstrual periods. Talk to your doctor when this happens frequently or lasts for a longer period of time. Tell your doctor if feel pain or swelling in your legs or limbs, breathlessness and chest pains, or changes in vision because it could be an indication of the presence of a blood clot.

Before you start taking this medication be sure to inform your doctor whether you smoke and have reached the age of 35, or if you've ever suffered a heart attack or are suffering from an uterus/cervix cancer or vagina. The doctor must also be informed about any other medications you take as a lot of them can cause this medication to be less effective or alter the way it functions. Don't take the medication in case you are pregnant or nursing.



  • Contraception



In Contraception

Ovral G Tablet is a contraceptive pill that blocks the possibility of becoming pregnant in various ways. First, it blocks the release of eggs from your Ovaries. Furthermore it creates your fluid (mucus) inside the cervix of your body thicker. This makes it harder for embryos to make it into the womb. In addition, it hinders the from thickening the lining of your womb making it less favorable for eggs to develop within it. Ovral G Tablet is a secure and reliable method of contraception if it is used properly. It is not a disruptor of sexual activities and allows you to lead an ordinary life with worry. Follow the directions of your doctor to reap the maximum advantages.



The majorities of side effects don’t require medical attention and will disappear once your body adjusts the medication. Talk to your doctor if the symptoms persist or if you're concerned about them.

Common adverse reactions of Ovral G



The pain in the breast

Irregular uterine bleeding



You should take this medication at the dosage and duration recommended by your physician. Inhale it all in one go. Don't chew or crush it. Ovral G Tablet can be taken without or with food, but it's best to consume it at a specific time.



Ovral G Tablet is a combination oral contraceptive pills. It prevents the release of eggs (ovulation) and altering the movement of sperm in the womb, preventing its fusion with the egg. The lining of the womb, which causes it to be unsuitable for pregnancy.




It is recommended to be cautious when taking alcohol in conjunction with Ovral G tablet. Consult your physician.


Ovral G Tablet is highly dangerous to take during pregnancy. Consult your physician for advice, because studies conducted on pregnant women and on animals have revealed significant adverse impacts on the baby's development.

Breast feeding

Information on the usage for the use of Ovral G Tablet while lactation isn't readily available. Consult your physician.


Ovral G Tablets can decrease alertness, impact your vision, or cause you to feel dizzy and sleepy. Don't drive if any of these symptoms are present.


There is a lack of information about the usage of Ovral G Tablets in kidney patients. Consult your physician.


Ovral G Tablet is probably not recommended for use by patients suffering from liver disease and should be kept out of the reach of liver disease patients. Consult your physician.



If you have missed an amount in the course of Ovral G Tablets, you should talk to your physician.



What exactly is Ovral G Tablet? and what's it intended to do?

Ovral G Tablet is a combined oral contraceptive that has two hormones, progesterone and estrogen. It helps to avoid the onset of pregnancy.

What dose and how do I take Ovral G tablet?

Use this medicine according to the recommendations of your physician. But, make sure you take it daily at the same time every day to maintain regular levels of the medicine within your body.

What happens if I don't get my menstrual cycles normally when I am I am taking Ovral G Tablet?

If you are experiencing irregular menstrual cycle when taking Ovral G Tablet you could be pregnant. Women who are not pregnant may miss their periods or experience light menstrual cycles while using Ovral G Tablet even though they're not pregnant. Consult your physician if you believe you're pregnant, or you have missed a couple of menstrual cycles. This can happen if you're in no way taking Ovral G Tablets each day.

Do you think Ovral G Tablets cause bleeding or spotting during the menstrual cycles?

Absolutely, Ovral G Tablet may cause some bleeding or spotting, particularly in the first 3 months. Don't discontinue using Ovral G Tablet due to this. The bleeding or spotting will decrease as time passes. It is possible to experience sudden bleeding if you do not use the medication regularly. Contact your physician in the event that bleeding persists longer than seven weeks or the bleeding becomes excessive.

What if I do not use Ovral G Tablet?

If you are unable to remember to take a tablet, make sure you take it when it is remembered, even if that involves taking two tablets simultaneously and follow the standard dosage schedule. If you fail to take more than two doses, you could not be completely protected from pregnancy. If this happens, begin taking the tablets when you remember and make use of an alternative method of contraception that is not hormonal like condoms, for at least the next 7 days to avoid pregnancy. Infrequently missing doses could cause bleeding from your vagina or spots (blood stain). See your physician in the event that this continues.

What happens if I vomit after having taken Ovral G tablet?

If you have a bowel movement within 3-4 hours following the intake of Ovral G Tablets, it's considered to be an overdose. Therefore, you must get another dose immediately after you are feeling well.

What are the most frequent adverse effects that can be expected from the use of Ovral G Tablet?

There is a possibility of vaginal bleeding that is irregular while taking Ovral G tablet. Other side effects that are common are nausea, headache (feeling sick) and sadness (sad mood) and breast discomfort. Most of them will pass. Should they continue to bother your physician.

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