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Orlistat 120Mg Capsule is a medicine that is used to treat of weight loss. It aids the body in blocking the absorption and absorption of fats by the stomach and small intestines.


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Orlistat (120mg)


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Orlistat 120Mg Capsule is a medicine that is used to treat of weight loss. It aids the body in blocking the absorption and absorption of fats by the stomach and small intestines.

Orlistat 120 Capsule is to be taken in conjunction with food at the dosage and duration prescribed by your doctor. It is best to swallow it in a single swallow. It is most effective when taken in conjunction with regular physical exercise and a balanced diet. It should not be used for long periods of time unless you are advised by your physician to take it. To ensure the efficacy of the medicine, high fat food items should be avoided with the medication.

The most frequent adverse effects of the Orlistat 120 Capsule are that there is fat present in stool, stomach pain and diarrhea. If any negative side effects are bothering you, inform your doctor immediately.

Breastfeeding and pregnant women should use this medication only on an approved prescription. Consult your physician prior to taking the medication in case you suffer from any medical condition or are taking other medication. This medication is not an extended treatment unless recommended by your physician.



  • Obesity



In Obesity

Orlistat 120 Capsule helps reduce cravings for food every now and later. This reduces the amount of food you consume and helps reduce those extra calories that cause the weight gain due to eating too much. Thus, this medication helps in treating obesity and preventing the complications associated with being overweight, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and other serious health issues. Also, it boosts your confidence and self-esteem by helping you shed weight and improving your overall health.



The majority of side effects doesn’t require medical attention, and fade as the body adapts your medication. Talk to your doctor if the symptoms persist or you're concerned about them.

Common adverse effects of Orlistat

In stool, there is a lot of fat.

Bowel incontinence

Flatus with discharge

Spotting of oily substance

A greater desire to empty stool

Oily evacuation

The increased frequency of the frequency of bowel movements



Use this medication in the amount and time prescribed by your doctor. Orlistat 120 Capsule can be taken either with or without food, however it is recommended to have it taken at a set time.
Beware of the Orlistat 120 Capsule containing high-fat foods like oils from olives, nuts and seeds (Brazil nuts) butter, dark chocolate and even meat.



Orlistat 120 Capsule works as an inhibitor of lipase. It acts in the small and stomach by blocking the absorption fats in diet by preventing enzymes that are responsible for the breakdown of fat.




Drinking alcohol using Orlistat 120 Capsule is not associated with any negative side effects.


Orlistat 120 Capsule is extremely unsuitable for take during pregnancy. Consult your physician for advice, since studies of pregnant women and on animals have found significant adverse impacts on the growing baby.

Breast feeding

The Orlistat capsule is safe for use while breastfeeding. Studies on humans suggest that the product does not enter the breastmilk in large amounts and isn't detrimental to the baby.


Orlistat 120 Capsule doesn't typically impact your ability to drive.


It is likely to be suitable for patients with kidney disease. There is limited evidence to suggest that dose adjustments for Orlistat 120 Capsule could not be necessary in those patients. Talk to your doctor.
This medicine could result in the development stone kidneys in people suffering from the underlying kidney disease.


The Orlistat 120 Capsule may be suitable for patients suffering from liver disease. The limited data available suggests that dose adjustment for Orlistat 120 Capsule might not be required in those patients. Talk to your doctor.



If you do not take a dose of Orlistat 120 Capsule, make sure you take it as soon as you can. If it's close to the time for the next dose, avoid your missed dosage and get back to your regular routine. Do not increase the dose.



How long do you have to keep on the Orlistat Capsule 120 for?

It is not recommended to use Orlistat 120 Capsule for more than six months. Talk to your physician and stop taking the medication in the event that you don't notice any weight loss for 12 weeks after beginning the treatment Orlistat 120 Capsule.

Who is not a candidate to take Orlistat 120 capsules?

It is not recommended to consume Orlistat 120 Capsule when you're sensitive to the product, experience difficulties digesting the food (chronic malabsorption disorder) and if you suffer from cholestasis (a condition in which Bile flow through the liver is hindered). Do not take Orlistat 120 Capsule if are taking cyclosporine medication or blood thinners such as Warfarin. In addition, you should avoid Orlistat 120 Capsule when you are nursing or pregnant.

What type of diet should I be following when taking Orlistat 120 Capsule?

You must adhere to a low-calorie and a low-fat diet when you are taking the Orlistat capsule. Consuming a meal high in fat when taking Orlistat 120 Capsule could increase the risk of suffering from adverse negative side adverse effects. Make sure you eat more fruits and vegetables and eat small portions. Consume regularly, and make sure you don't take a break from eating.

Can you consume alcohol on the Orlistat 120 Capsule?

Although alcohol is not a problem in the operation of Orlistat 120 Capsule it is suggested that you reduce or eliminate alcohol. Alcohol is loaded with calories and can add weight. Therefore, for successful weight loss, it's ideal to stay clear of drinking alcohol.

What is the speed at which Orlistat 120 Capsule function?

Orlistat 120 Capsule begins to work fast, in just 24 to 48 hours after taking it. You might even see the presence of fat in your stool. It could take one or two weeks to demonstrate effective weight loss that varies from person to.

Do I need to adhere to an exercise regimen while taking Orlistat Capsule 120?

It is true that exercise can prove very beneficial in the reduction of weight and the maintenance of weight loss. A regular exercise routine and lower-calorie consumption will allow you to keep your weight at bay even after stopping the medication.

What does Orlistat 120 Capsule aid in loss of weight?

The Orlistat 120 Capsule is part of a class of medications called lipase inhibitors. It targets the fat you consume. It blocks approximately 25% of the calories in your diet from being absorption. The fat that is not absorbed will be eliminated through stools and be eliminated from your body.

What should I do to do I Orlistat 120 capsules?

Use Orlistat 120 Capsule 3 times per day, and then take it whole in water. It is best taken before or during meals, or up to one hour following meals. The food should be balanced and contain foods that are low in calories. Don't consume Orlistat 120 Capsule when you have missed a meal or if your food is not rich in fat since it is not effective without fat.

How much weight could be lost over the course of a week using Orlistat 120 capsules?

It is important to set an achievable goal for weight loss. Try to lose 5-10% of your initial weight. The weight loss process must be gradual and take place at an even speed. Try to reduce 0.5 kilograms of weight each week.

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