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Orlicure 120mg is an oral capsule used to reduce the weight of an individual. It helps to reduce the weight of patients suffering from high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure or heart problems.


Salt Compostion

Orlistat (120mg)


Fortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd
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What is Orlicure 120Mg?

Orlicure 120mg is an oral capsule used to reduce the weight of an individual. It helps to reduce the weight of patients suffering from high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure or heart problems. It generally stops the increase in weight and redureducessia within a patient. The medicine is formulated with an ingredient called orlistat, which is an essential ingredient in reducing weight. This medication helps reduce weight by absorbing fats from the colon.


Who is Orlicure 120's manufacturer?

Fortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd is the company that manufactures of Orlicure 120 online. In addition to this medication the manufacturer also manufactures a variety of medicines that are that are related to it. The main goal of the company is on providing people with the best health and fitness.


Brands from the US that are equivalent Orlicure 120

This medication is also authorized by the United state under a different label i.e. Ally. Orlicure pills are similar to Orlicure 12 medicine. They also assist patients to lose weight. Its dosage shape, size as well as the quantity is similar to Orlicure 120.


Uses of Orlicure 120

Buy Orlicure 120 is utilized by a person who is struggling with weight gain. This medication is suggested for adults overweight and children shouldn't take this medication since it could cause serious harm to them. It is recommended to take it with the prescription of your physician only.



Use this capsule according to the prescribed schedule by your physician. It can be taken in conjunction with or without food at any point; however your health needs to be taken in the same order every day. Follow your doctor's advice to achieve the best outcomes. Do not take this medicine in conjunction in conjunction with foods that contain significant fat or calories in it, such as chocolate, oil or butter, meat and nuts since this medication won't work if you use it in conjunction with these foods.

Missed dose

If you've missed the dosage of this drug, you should do it when you remember. Do not miss your dose because it can slow your recovery and won't aid in reducing your weight quickly.


In the event of an overdose, the medicine could cause adverse effects on your body like nausea, headache Itching, abdominal pain and so on. In such a scenario, contact your physician. They can help you overcome these adverse symptoms. Be careful not to too much of this medication as it could reduce your strength and speed the healing process than you did before.



Its potency of Orlicure 120 is 120 mg.



The reason for Orlicure 120 is to treat weight gain.




Taking this medication along with alcohol could be harmful or not. If you are in an habit of drinking alcohol frequently, before you take this medication, you should consult your physician. If you drink alcohol in conjunction with the treatment that is Orlicure 120 this could result in serious adverse effects on your health. Follow all instructions given by the healthcare provider.


Consuming this medication during pregnancy is extremely risky the baby. Numerous studies have demonstrated that it can alter the growth of your baby. Before you begin taking Orlicure 120, consult your doctor since they will decide if they will prescribe this medication or not.


Eating this medication during breastfeeding is extremely harmful to your baby. If you're considering taking this drug, then talk to your doctor at least once.


Driving if you've taken this medicine, you must be cautious about driving because it could cause you to feel dizzy and tired. Do not drive until you are certain that you're not feeling sleepy. In the event that you do, it could harm you in a serious way.


Kidney If you suffer from of kidney disease and you are a patient of kidney disease, this medicine must be used with caution and security. A dose adjustment is necessary in this medication. Thus, before you start you start taking this medication, consult your physician. Be sure to inform them of issues or problems that have occurred in the past with your kidney. Therefore, it will be simple for them to prescribe you the appropriate medication according to your medical condition.


Before you start taking this medication you must talk to your physician and inform them of liver-related issues. Follow the instructions that they give you for speedy recovery.


What are the potential side effects from Orlicure 120?

If you're taking this drug, then it could trigger some adverse reactions in your body, including

A strange fatigue


Breathing difficulty,

Trouble sleeping,

Changes in menstrual cycle,

Pain in the rectal area and more

Some side effects don't require medical attention, but should this issue persist for a long time, you should immediately consult your physician. They can help you rid of these symptoms.



Keep Orlicure 120 tablets in a cool location depending on the temperature of the room. The sun should not reach Orlicure 120.


What happens if you consume excessive Orlicure 120?

In excess, taking this medication could trigger a reaction within your body. It could cause adverse effects, such as nausea, extreme itching, insomnia and fatigue and unusual weakness, among others. Take Orlicure 120 pills as according to the prescribed dose only.


How does Orlicure 120 function?

Orlicure tablets are prescribed to combat the problem of obesity. It works by absorption of fats from the intestine, which aids patients in decrease the weight they carry. It stops the enzymes from working which are usually responsible for the breaking down of fat.


How do you take Orlicure 120?

It is possible to take Orlicure 120 with or without food.

Do not chew or crush the medicine.

Consider it all together.

Follow the duration and time prescribed by the physician.


What are the most common interactions between different drugs?

If you are taking Orlicure 120 pills together with another can cause some unwanted side effects, or could help you be able to recover quickly. Before taking this medicine, you must talk to your doctor about the best option.

Drug interaction The interaction between Cyclosporine, Warfarin, Levothyroxine, Amiodarone oral, antiretroviral drugs.


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