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Hiforce 150 mg is a generic dose of Sildenafil, a PDE-5 hormone inhibitor, which enters an ED patient to cure hard erection.


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Sildenafil Citrate


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About Hiforce 150 mg

Hiforce 150 mg is a generic dose of Sildenafil, a PDE-5 hormone inhibitor, which enters an ED patient to cure hard erection. Although it can be used by any man to get erections, it is only safe and also designed to keep in mind that it is only effective for people with erectile dysfunction or impotence and those who belong to this age category from 18 to 70 years.

What is use of tablet?

These tablets are intended for use on a person with this Erectile dysfunction (ED) disability. If you are new to the term, it is also a serious penis-related sexual and male disease. Due to some existing physical or mental illnesses, men are unable to maintain a hard erection.


It is owned by the Indian pharmaceutical healing pharma. The company has its manufacturing operations based in India, although the company's sales are not limited to the country itself. The company also receives regular export orders.

How does it work?

Sildenafil will start working as soon as you take the pills after a delay of a few minutes after the Sildenafil discharges from the pills. it will then start blocking the PDE-5 hormones as it is only for that brand of pills.

Once this effect is at its peak and the hormonal effects of PDE-5 are no longer present, it is time for the generic cGMP hormone to begin its synthesis and release into the bloodstream at higher levels of stability.

It doesn't take long for your body's natural vasodilator, nitric oxide, to kick in and stimulate this vasodilator effect on the penile tissue.

It is under the effects of dilation that the blood flow in your penile tissue will increase to its maximum and thus allow you to have stronger erections because more blood flow in the penile tissue to allow your level of penile sensitivity to increase. 'increase.

How to take?

Hiforce 150mg pills are all in the group of swallowing pills. The ideal way to have these pills is to take one tablet orally with plain water 30 minutes before sexual activity.


It is only the second highest pill after its maximum dose of 200mg. The smallest dose for the Hiforce brand starts at 25mg. then there are many intermediate doses such as 50mg and 100mg doses.

Remember that your dose should be proportional to the level of severity of your erectile dysfunction. If the dose is high, there are chances of creating an overdose and hence it can lead to consequences.


An overdose situation means that you should immediately consult a doctor to request a reduction in the daily dose. having an overdose of Generic Sildenafil is never good for your health.

Miss Dose

The dose will only work for 6 hours, which means that if you miss your dose the next day, the effects of the previous pill will wear off. Since Sildenafil is no longer available, it may prevent you from having an erection at all.

Precautions to Take Before this pill

The way for patients to see only safe effects with the use of Hiforce 150mg Pills is to ensure that they follow necessary guidelines and precautions as deemed appropriate by doctors. You should take the dose and control the erection well, but do not change the dose subtly without thinking and taking the advice of the doctor about it. After all, since you are already taking large doses, the chances of overdosing increase exponentially and can trigger side effects.


For those who can use the pill, the benefits of using the drug are enormous. You can get a duration of action of around 6 hours from the pills. and that's more than enough for you to have sex anytime between the two of you at your convenience.

A generic pill brand like Hiforce will also have its overall lower prices and be ideal for affordable erectile dysfunction remedies.

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