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Famcimac 500Mg Tablet is an antiviral medication. It assists in treating viral infections such as herpes labialis and herpes simplex viruses, shingles and genital herpes infections.


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Famciclovir (500mg)


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Famcimac 500Mg Tablet is an antiviral medication. It assists in treating viral infections such as herpes labialis and herpes simplex viruses, shingles and genital herpes infections. It helps prevent the proliferation of viruses in human cells and thus aids in removing the infection.
Famcimac 500 Tablets is to be taken at the dosage and duration recommended by your physician. Do not miss any dose and complete the whole treatment, even the moment you are feeling better. It is a good idea to take it with or without food but it is recommended to take it at a set time. If you are unable to take your dose, make sure you take it as quickly as you can. If it's nearing the time to take the next dose, you can skip any missed doses and then return to your normal schedule to prevent overdose. Drink plenty of water during treatment with this medicine since it prevents the damage to your kidneys and dehydration.

The side effects of this medication include headaches dizziness, vomiting as well as fatigue, nausea and high fever. Inform your doctor if any of these adverse effects persist for a longer period of time. Consult your physician when you are planning to have a baby or are breastfeeding.



  • Herpes Labialis
  • Herpes Simplex Virus Infections
  • Shingles
  • Genital herpes virus



In Herpes labialis

Herpes labialis is commonly referred to by the name cold sores an condition that is most commonly affecting the lips. The symptoms typically consist of a burning pain that is followed by small sores or blisters. The initial attack might be followed by fever, a sore throat, or enlarged lymph nodes. Famcimac 500 Tablet can speed up the healing of herpes labialis as well as stop the recurrence of sores.

In Herpes Simplex Virus Infections

Famcimac 500 Tablet is an antiviral medication. It stops the development and spread of the herpesvirus in the body. It is not a cure for herpes nor can it stop transmission of the infection to other people. It can however accelerate the healing process of sores and reduce the symptoms such as pain, tingling burning, and itching. Follow the instructions of your physician for maximum benefits.

In Shingles

Shingles is a virus that can cause an uncomfortable rash. Famcimac 500 Tablet can reduce the length and severity of the shingles. It's most effective when you begin using it as soon as possible following the appearance of the rash. Maintaining a healthy immune system is the most effective way to avoid shingles. A good diet and hygiene routine is a different way to prevent the development of shingles.

The cause is Genital herpes infection

Genital herpes infections are an extremely common sexually transmitted disease with genital pains and sores. It can affect females and males. It is characterized by itching, pain and irritation. The Famcimac 500 Tablet assists in treating symptoms effectively, and also helps prevent spreading of the infection which causes virus.



The majority of side effects doesn’t require medical attention, and will disappear once the body adapts the medication. Contact your physician if they persist or you're concerned about them.

Common negative side reactions of Famcimac





Abdominal pain


Tests for abnormal liver function

The blood has more lipase, which is a major component.

The levels of serum amylase are high.



You should take this medication at the dosage and duration recommended by your physician. Take it in a single swallow. Don't crush, chew or tear it. Famcimac 500 Tablet can be taken either with or without food, but it's best to take it in a specific time.



Famcimac 500 Tablet is an antiviral drug. It stops the proliferation of viruses within human cells. The virus is prevented from creating new viruses and helps clear the disease.




It isn't known if there is a safe way to drink alcohol while taking the FAMCIMAC 500 tablets. It is recommended to consult with your physician.


Famcimac 500 Tablet is generally regarded as safe for take during the pregnancy. Animal studies have revealed that there are no or minimal adverse effects on the developing baby but there are a limited number of human studies.

Breast feeding

Famcimac 500 Tablet is likely to be unsuitable for breastfeeding mothers. The limited human research suggests that the drug can be absorbed into breastmilk and harm babies.


Famcimac 500 Tablet can reduce alertness, alter your vision, or make you feel dizzy and sleepy. Don't drive if any of these symptoms are present.


Famcimac 500 Tablet is recommended to use with caution for patients with kidney diseases. A dose adjustment for Famcimac 500 Tablet could be necessary. Consult your physician.


Famcimac 500 Tablet is to be used cautiously in patients suffering from liver diseases that are severe. A dose adjustment for Famcimac 500 Tablet could be required. Consult your physician.
There is limited information available about the usage of Famcimac 500 Tablets for those patients. There is no need for dose adjustments for patients suffering from mild to moderate liver disease.



If you have missed the dose of Famcimac500 Tablet, make sure you take it as soon as you can. But, if it's nearing the time to take your next dose, avoid your missed dosage and get back to your regular routine. Don't double the dosage.



Can Famcimac 500 tablets stop transmission of infection to other people?

It is not possible to be infected by other people in the same way, even when you're receiving treatment with the Famcimac 500 Tablet. Herpes infections can be transmitted therefore, avoid letting the affected areas come in contact with people. Be careful not to touch eye contact after touching an affected region. Clean your hands often to avoid spreading the disease to other people. Make sure you are practicing safe sexual sex with condoms. It is not recommended to have sex when you suffer from genital sores or blisters.

Is Famcimac 500 Tablet effective?

The Famcimac 500 Tablet is effective when used at the dosage and duration recommended by your physician. Don't discontinue taking it when you notice an improvement in your health. If you stop taking Famcimac 500 Tablet too soon, symptoms could return or get worse.

Do I have to discontinue the Famcimac 500 Tablet as soon as I am feeling better?

Don't discontinue taking Famcimac500 Tablet without consulting with your physician even if you feel better. The symptoms could worsen before you are fully cured. For a more effective and complete treatment, it's advised to continue treatment for the duration prescribed by your doctor.

What should I discuss with my doctor before I begin treatment with the Famcimac 500 Tablet?

Before you begin the treatment process for Famcimac 500 tablet, inform your physician if you suffer from any other health concerns such as liver or kidney problems. Certain medical problems could influence your treatment, and may require adjustments to your dosage. Inform your doctor about any other medications you take as they might influence or even be influenced by this medication. Let your doctor know if are planning to have a baby or if you are nursing or pregnant.

What are the most serious negative side effects of Famcimac 500 tablet?

The risk of serious side effects is low however, if you do experience them, it is recommended to consult a doctor immediately. The most common side effects are the appearance of hives, blisters or a peeling eruptions, yellow skin or eyes bleeding or unusual bruising and loss of consciousness seizures, breathing difficulties or breathing, hallucinations and swelling of the tongue, face and throat.

Do elderly patients have to be extra cautious when taking the Famcimac 500 Tablet?

Senior citizens (over 65 years of age) are more likely to suffer negative effects from taking Famcimac500 Tablet. The reason is that their kidneys aren't flushing the drug from their system as fast as kidneys of younger people will. Patients who are older must drink plenty of fluids during their treatment with Famcimac 500 Tablet also their kidney functions must be closely monitored. Patients with kidney problems should receive an equivalence dose and be observed for neurological disorders.

What happens if I don't have a dose of the Famcimac 500 Tablet?

If you miss the dose of Famcimac 500 Tablet, you should take it when you remember. But, if it's nearing the time to take the next dose, you can skip the dose you missed and take your next dose according to the time prescribed. Doesn’t double the dose to compensate for the missed dose as it could increase the risk of developing adverse reactions.

What happens if someone consumes over the suggested dosage of the Famcimac 500 Tablet in error?

Overdoses that have been accidental and repeated with orally Famcimac 500 Tablet over the course of several days can cause nausea as well as vomiting, confusion and headache. Contact your doctor if you suspect of an overdose.

Will I be resistance towards Famcimac 500 tablet?

Patients suffering from severe HIV disease or those with impaired immune systems have identified resistance to Famcimac500 Tablet. If you're having difficulty responding to Famcimac500 Tablet The possibility of resistance to the drug should be considered.

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