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Ezanic 10% Cream 15gm is utilized for treating acne (pimples). It can effectively alleviate symptoms like lumps, swelling, and redness that are associated with various kinds of acne. 

Ezanic 10% - Cream

Salt Compostion

Azelaic Acid (10% w/w)


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Ezanic 10% Cream 15gm is utilized for treating acne (pimples). It can effectively alleviate symptoms like lumps, swelling, and redness that are associated with various kinds of acne. It does this by destroying bacteria that cause acne.

Ezanic 10% cream is designed for only external use. It is recommended to apply it as directed. The affected area as well as your hands must be dry and clean prior to applying. Make sure to use this medication regularly to reap the greatest benefits from it. Don't take more than you're able to take as it will not help your condition to heal faster and the risk of side effects could be more severe. If your condition persists for more than 4 weeks, or worsens anytime, inform your doctor inform your doctor. This medication can perform better by keeping the area affected clear of dirt.

Ezanic 10% cream has several potential adverse consequences, but not everyone will experience these. They include reactions at the site of application like irritation, burning itching, redness, and burning. Inform your doctor whether you're experiencing any of these or if they don't disappear. Do not get the medicine into your eye. If you happen to touch your eye clean your eyes well with water.

If you are nursing, pregnant or planning to become pregnant, consult your physician before taking this medication.



  • Treatment of Acne



In Treatment of Acne

Ezanic 10% Cream is a treatment for pimples, also known as acne. It eliminates bacteria that cause acne and stops pimples and spots from appearing. It typically takes a few weeks to show an impact, so use it even if it seems not to be effective. Sometimes, acne can be worsened before getting better, but when you use it correctly it will make your skin cleaner. The sooner you begin taking it the less likely you're to develop acne scars. The medicine can boost your mood and increase your self-confidence as your skin is no longer acne-prone. It is not recommended to use in the case of eczema and sunburned skin.



The majority of side effects doesn’t require medical attention, and will disappear once the body adapts your medication. Talk to your doctor if the symptoms persist or if you're concerned about them.

Common adverse reactions of Ezanic

Site reactions to application (burning and irritation, as well as itching and redness)



This medication is intended meant for use on the outside only. Take it at the dosage and for the duration prescribed by your physician. Read the label for instructions prior to applying. Make sure to dry and cleanse the area affected before applying the treatment. Cleanse your hands after applying the cream, unless your hands are the affected area.



Azelaic acid is a natural ingredient that kills acne-causing bacteria. It also reduces swelling (redness as well as swelling) of the skin.




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Ezanic 10% Cream is generally regarded as safe for utilize during pregnancy. Animal studies have revealed minimal or no adverse reactions to the growing baby however there are only a few studies conducted on humans.

Breast feeding

Ezanic 10% Cream likely safe to use while breastfeeding. A small amount of human studies indicates that the medication is not a significant danger to the infant.


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If you do not take the dose of Ezanic 10% cream, you can skip it and resume your usual routine. Don't double the dosage.



What dosage of the Ezanic 10% cream is to be used?

Follow the exact instructions given by your physician. To give you a reference If the entire area surface of your skin is affected apply 2.5 millimeters (approx. 0.5 grams) of cream per time. If you are suffering from pimples on the chest or back, and your face, increase how much cream you apply you apply.

What is the time Ezanic 10% Cream needs to fully show its effects?

The duration of Ezanic 10percent Cream treat acne varies for each the individual. It varies based on the degree of acne at the beginning of treatment. The condition usually is seen to improve after approximately 4 weeks. For the best outcomes, your doctor might suggest using Ezanic 10% Cream on a regular basis for a number of months. But, it is not recommended to apply Ezanic 10% Creme for longer than 12 months in any given time.

Does Ezanic 10% Cream lighten skin?

Ezanic 10% Creme can cause a change in the color of your skin particularly in the case of dark-colored skin. In the event that you observe any changes in your skin's color consult your physician immediately.

Does Ezanic 10% Cream help blackheads?

The Ezanic 10% cream functions by eliminating the bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes) which causes acne. It also slows the development of the tough outer skin cells, which hinder your pores, which can create whiteheads and blackheads.

Can Ezanic 10% Cream help treat Melasma?

Ezanic 10% Creme isn't approved to treat melasma. It is recommended to use it to treat rosacea and acne (a skin condition which causes redness, flushing and pimples in the face). It can also be used to treat melasma, if it is prescribed by your doctor.

How can Ezanic 10% Cream be used?

The skin area to be treated must be thoroughly cleaned with water. If the skin appears oily apply a gentle cleanser. Dry the skin prior to application of the lotion. When you have applied the cream rub it lightly. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after applying the cream.

How often can Ezanic 10% cream be utilized?

Ezanic 10% Cream must be applied on the areas affected by the skin twice a day (morning and at night) or until the doctor advises to the contrary. Skin that is extremely sensitive need to apply it just each per day (in in the night) in the initial week of treatment. After a week, they can move to applying it twice per every day.

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