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Bicatero 50 mg tablet contains the active ingredient Bicalutamide, which belongs to a class of drugs called antiandrogens. It is mainly used in the treatment of prostate cancer in men.


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Bicatero 50 mg Tablet is used to treat prostate cancer. It is also employed to treat other diseases that are determined by the physician. It does this by reducing testosterone and other male hormones.
Bicatero 50mg Tablets should be consumed with and without meals, but preferably at a specific time every day. Your physician will determine what does is needed and the frequency you have to use it. It will depend on the condition you're currently being treated for. It could vary from time-to-time. It is important to adhere to the dosage your doctor has recommended. Doing it in a incorrect way or too much may cause severe adverse side consequences. It could take a few weeks or even months to notice or feel the benefits, but don't stop taking it unless you doctor recommends it to.

Anemia (low amount of blood red cells) is a common reaction to this medication. Apart from this, a itching of the skin, loss of appetite, breathlessness abdominal pain, dark urine as well as skin irritations are just a few negative side effects that need immediate attention. A regular blood test is necessary to determine the health of your blood cells and liver function throughout treatment with this medication. This makes your skin sensitive to sunlight, so be cautious when you go out.

Before taking the medicine, tell your doctor if you have liver, diabetes, or kidney problems, or if you are taking any medication that treat infection. Other medications can also influence or be influenced by this medication, so be sure to inform your doctor about the medications you take. This medicine should not be used for breastfeeding or during pregnancy. It could harm the baby. Effective contraception, both for males and females throughout treatment is essential to prevent the pregnancy. You might be asked to do regular monitoring of your blood glucose level during treatment.


Prostate cancer


In Prostate cancer

The prostate gland can be described as a walnut-sized gland that makes seminal fluid that feeds and carries the male sperm. The most commonly reported indication associated with prostate cancer is trouble with urinary frequency, but there are no signs whatsoever. Bicatero 50mg Tablet helps to stop or slow the growth of cancerous cells by reducing testosterone (natural hormone that males produce) in males. This helps ease the process of getting rid of urine and helps users to urinate.


The majority of side effects doesn’t require medical attention and fade as the body adapts your medication. Talk to your doctor if the symptoms persist or you're concerned about them.

Common negative effects Bicatero

Anemia (low amount in red blood cells)


Abdominal pain

The size of the breasts in males

Tenderness in the breast


A decrease in appetite

Reduced the amount of libido





Hot flashes

Higher levels of liver enzymes




Weight loss


You should take this medication according to the dosage and duration prescribed by your physician. Take it in a single swallow. Don't crush, chew and break. Bicatero 50mg Tablet is a tablet that can be taken without or with food, but it's best to take it in a set time.


Bicatero 50mg Tablet blocks the effect of male hormones that are natural on the development of prostate cancer cells. Bicatero 50mg Tablet also stops the unwanted negative effects of androgens for females, such as excess hair growth and acne.



It is not clear if there is a risk to drink alcohol while taking Bicatero 50mg Tablet. Consult your physician.


Bicatero 50mg Tablet is very dangerous to take during pregnancy. Consult your physician for advice, since studies of pregnant women and on animals have demonstrated significant negative effects on babies who are developing.

Breast feeding

Information about the usage for the use of Bicatero 50mg Tablet while nursing isn't available. Talk to your doctor.


Bicatero 50mg Tablet is not likely to affect your driving ability.


The Bicatero50mg Tablet is safe in kidney patients. Dose adjustment is not required for Bicatero 50mg Tablet is suggested.


Bicatero 50mg Tablet should be taken cautiously in patients suffering from liver diseases. A dose adjustment for Bicatero 50mg Tablet is possible. Talk to your doctor.
Monitoring your liver function regularly tests is recommended when you take this medication.


Can Bicatero 50mg Tablet cause infertility?

There are only a few studies to suggest the claim that Bicatero 50mg Tablet can cause infertility. Bicatero 50mg Tablet has been found to alter fertility in animals, so it is thought that it can cause fertility for humans. Certain studies have demonstrated that it has an effect on the process of spermatogenesis (origin and development of Sperm cells).

What should I be aware of when using Bicatero 50mg Tablet?

The skin is sensitive in a few patients who are using Bicatero 50mg Tablet. This is why you should stay away from direct sunlight exposure as well as sunlamps and tanning beds. It is recommended to apply sunscreen when you are using Bicatero 50mg Tablet.

What is Bicatero 50mg Tablet a type of chemotherapy?

There is no need to worry, Bicatero 50mg Tablet is not a chemotherapy medicine. It is an anti-androgen drug. Androgens, such as testosterone, are male sex hormones naturally. Bicatero 50mg Tablet is a drug that blocks the effects on androgens (testosterone) which helps to slow the expansion and growth of cancerous cells.

Does Bicatero 50mg Tablet cause hair loss?

Absolutely, Bicatero 50mg Tablet may cause hair loss since it is a frequent adverse result. However, this doesn't necessarily affect everyone. Talk to your doctor in case you are concerned about hair loss. you.

What is Bicatero 50mg Tablet recommended for?

Bicatero 50mg Tablet is used with another medication (gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonists; such as leuprolide or goserelin) to treat metastatic prostate cancer (prostate cancer that has spread to other parts of the body). In addition, Bicatero 50mg Tablet has proved to be successful in treating hirsutism among patients with polycystic Ovarian Disease although this isn't an approved treatment.

What is the best time to take Bicatero 50mg tablets?

Bicatero 50mg Tablets must be taken every day in the morning, or in the evening. Follow the exact dosage as prescribed by your doctor.

Can Bicatero 50mg Tablet cause diarrhea?

It is true that Bicatero 50mg Tablet can cause diarrhea but it's very rare. In general, constipation is more frequent with this medication. Talk to your doctor if constipation concerns you.

What is the recommended time to consume Bicatero 50mg Tablets?

Bicatero 50mg Tablet tablets must be taken regularly for at least 2 year or till disease does not go away. Don't stop using it before consulting with your physician.

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