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Azeetop 500mg Tablet can be described as an anti-biotic that is used to treat a variety of bacterial infections that affect the respiratory tract and the ear, nose throat, lungs eyes, and skin in both children and adults.


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Azeetop 500mg Tablet can be described as an anti-biotic that is used to treat a variety of bacterial infections that affect the respiratory tract and the ear, nose throat, lungs eyes, and skin in both children and adults. It also works in the treatment of typhoid fever as well as other sexually transmitted diseases such as the gonorrhea.

Azeetop 500mg Tablet can be consumed orally, usually an hour before or 2 hours following a meal. It is recommended to take it regularly in evenly spaced intervals as directed by your physician. Be sure to not miss any doses, and complete the entire course of treatment even if are feeling better. Removing the medication too early can result in a returning or a worsening of the illness.

Commonly reported side effects by this medication are nausea, vomiting stomach pain, and diarrhea. These tend to be temporary and will subside after the end of the treatment. Contact your physician if you notice these symptoms bother you or continue for longer than.

Tell your doctor if have a medical history of allergies or heart issues prior to taking this medication. Breastfeeding or pregnant women need to consult with their physician prior to using this medication.



  • Treating Bacterial Infections



Treatment of Bacterial infections

Azeetop 500mg Tablet is an antibacterial drug that is used to treat a variety of illnesses due to bacteria. This includes blood infections the brain, lungs and bones joints and stomach, urinary tract and the intestines. It is also employed to deal with sexually transmitted illnesses. It slows the growth of the bacteria responsible for the infection. It also helps to eliminate the infection. Use it as long as recommended by your doctor. Avoid taking doses that are not needed. This will ensure there is a complete kill of bacteria, and they will not develop resistance.



The majority of side effects doesn’t require medical attention, and will disappear once the body adapts the medication. Contact your physician if they persist or you're concerned about them.

Common side effects Azeetop


Abdominal pain




You should take this medicine at the dosage and duration recommended by your physician. Take it in a single swallow. Don't crush, chew or tear it. Azeetop 500mg Tablet is a good choice to take in conjunction with or without food however, it is best to take it at a set time.



Azeetop 500mg Tablet is an antibiotic. It acts by stopping the creation of proteins that are required by bacteria in order to perform essential functions. It stops bacteria from growing and also stops the spread of infection.




It is not recommended to drink alcohol when taking Azeetop 500mg Tablet.


Azeetop 500mg Tablet is generally considered to be safe to take during pregnancy. Studies on animals have demonstrated that there are no or minimal adverse effects on the developing baby However, there are only a few human studies.

Breast feeding

Azeetop500mg Tablet is safe for breastfeeding. Studies on humans suggest that the drug doesn't get into breast milk in significant amounts and isn't dangerous to babies.
There could be a risk of rash or diarrhea for the infant.


Azeetop 500mg Tablet doesn't usually impact your driving ability.


Azeetop 500mg Tablet is recommended to be used cautiously in patients suffering from chronic kidney problems. Adjusting the dosage of Azeetop 500mg Tablet could be required. Talk to your doctor.


Azeetop 500mg Tablet is recommended to use with caution for patients with liver diseases. Adjusting the dosage of Azeetop 500mg Tablet could be required. Consult your physician.



If you have missed the dose of Azeetop 500mg Tablet, make sure you take it as quickly as you can. But, if it's nearing the time to take the next dose, you can skip your missed dosage and get back to your regular routine. Do not increase the dose.



Is Azeetop 500mg Tablet safe?

Azeetop 500mg Tablet is safe when used in doses prescribed by your doctor and for the time prescribed by your doctor.

What happens if I don't become better?

It is important to inform your doctor If you do not experience any improvements in your symptoms following 3 days after taking Azeetop 500mg Tablet. Also, if your symptoms get worse, inform your doctor immediately.

Is it possible that the use Azeetop 500mg Tablet cause diarrhea?

Yes, using Azeetop 500mg Tablet could cause diarrhea. It's an antibiotic that destroys harmful bacteria. But it also affects beneficial bacteria that reside in the stomach or intestine, and triggers diarrhea. If you're experiencing severe diarrhea, consult your physician about it.

Do you think Azeetop 500mg Tablet be consumed at late at night?

Azeetop 500mg Tablet is generally taken once a day. It can be taken anytime throughout your day. However, be sure to use it at the same time every day. The medication is best taken 1 hour prior to meals as well as 2 hours after eating. It is possible to take the tablet preparation either with or without food. It is important to be sure to take Azeetop 500mg Tablet in the exact manner recommended by your physician and consult your physician if you have any questions.

How long will it take for Azeetop 500mg Tablet to function?

Azeetop 500mg Tablet is effective within a couple of hours of taking it. You might notice a decrease in your symptoms within a couple of days. Don't stop taking the medicine until you have having completed the treatment recommended by your physician. Removing the medicine without consulting with your physician could result in the infection coming back, making it more difficult to cure.

Why do you think Azeetop 500mg Tablet available to you for 3 days?

The duration of treatment varies upon the kind of disease treated as well as how old the person is. Azeetop 500mg Tablet isn't only prescribed to patients for 3 days. In the majority of bacterial infections one dosage of 500 mg can be prescribed over 3 days. In other cases, it could be administered as 500 mg in one dose in the morning of 1 and 500 mg every day beginning on day 2 until day 5. In certain cases of infection like genital ulcer disease the dosage is only a single 1 grams dose. This means that you have to stick to the regimen prescribed by your doctor.

What should I be aware of when taking Azeetop 500mg Tablet?

In general, it is suggested that people who are taking Azeetop 500mg Tablet should not take any other medications with this drug since this could affect the efficacy of Azeetop 500mg Tablet. It is also suggested to stay away from sunlight or tanning beds because Azeetop 500mg Tablet may increase the chance of sunburn.

What is Azeetop 500mg Tablet an effective antibiotic?

Azeetop500mg Tablet can be a powerful antibiotic utilized to treat numerous bacteria-related infections. In comparison to other antibiotics Azeetop 500mg Tablet is more effective and has longer half lives. This means it stays within the body for an extended period of time. This is why it is prescribed once a day for a brief duration. Other antibiotics, however, have shorter half-life’s and are typically administered twice, three times, or even four times per day.

Are you able to contract a yeast infection after taking Azeetop 500mg Tablet?

Certain people may develop an infection caused by yeast or fungal called thrush following the use of Azeetop 500mg Tablet. Antibiotics like Azeetop 500mg Tablet could destroy the healthy or normal bacteria' that live in your intestine that are responsible to prevent the development of thrush. Inform your physician if you notice an itch or sore in your vagina or discharge. Also, inform your physician when you notice an white spot on your tongue or mouth after taking Azeetop 500mg Tablet or within a few days after stopping the medication.


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