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Althrocin 250 tablet is an antibiotic that is used to treat a variety of infections. It's effective in all respiratory tract infections as well as the ear, nose throat, lungs, as well as the skin.


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The Althrocin 250 tablet is an antibiotic that is used to treat a variety of infections. It's effective in all respiratory tract infections as well as the ear, nose throat, lungs, as well as the skin. It blocks the growth of bacteria, which aids in reducing symptoms and heal the infection.
Althrocin 250 Tablet is consumed by mouth, usually an hour prior or 2 hours following a meal. It is most effective when it is taken with a full stomach. It is recommended to take it often at evenly spaced intervals, as directed by your physician. Be sure to not miss any doses, and complete the entire treatment, even when you are feeling better. Removing the medicine too soon could result in the infection reoccurring or getting worse.

The most common side effects that are seen in this medication include nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain and diarrhea. They are typically short-term and disappear with end of treatment. Talk to your doctor if are experiencing side effects that do not disappear or persist for longer than.

Inform your physician if you have any prior experience of heart or allergy issues prior to taking this medication. Breastfeeding or pregnant women need to consult with their physician prior to using this medication.



  • Treating Bacterial Infections



In the treatment of Bacterial infections

The Althrocin 250 tablet is an anti-biotic medication that is utilized to treat various illnesses caused by bacterial. This includes infections of the nose, ear throat, lungs, throat and the skin. It slows the development of the bacteria that causes the infection. It also clears the infection. Use it the duration prescribed by your physician and avoid absconding with doses. This ensures the bacterium is killed, and they will not develop resistance.



The majorities of side effects don’t require medical attention, and fade as your body adjusts your medication. Talk to your doctor if the symptoms persist or if you're concerned about them.

Common adverse reactions of Althrocin



Abdominal pain




Use this medication according to the dosage and duration prescribed by your physician. Inhale it all in one go. Don't chew or crush it. Althrocin 250 Tablets should be taken with a full stomach.



It is a prescription antibiotic. It acts by stopping the creation of proteins that are required by bacteria in order to perform essential functions. This stops bacteria from forming, and stops the spread of infection.




It is not recommended to drink alcohol when taking althrocin tablets 250 mg.


Althrocin 250 Tablet is generally thought to be safe for take during the pregnancy. Studies on animals have demonstrated minimal or no adverse reactions on the baby's development but there are only a few studies conducted on humans.

Breast feeding

It is safe for be used during breastfeeding. Studies on humans suggest that the medication does not get into breastmilk in large amounts and isn't dangerous to babies.
There is a chance of rash or diarrhea for the infant.


Althrocin 250 Tablet will not generally impair your ability to drive.


It is highly safe for use by patients suffering from kidney disease. Dose adjustment is not required for Althrocin 250 tablet is suggested.
But, be sure to inform your doctor if you suffer from any kidney condition since the use of this medication can affect hearing in kidney patients suffering from severe disease.


Althrocin 250 Tablet must be used with caution when it comes to liver disease patients. A dose adjustment for Althrocin 250 Tablet might be necessary. Consult your physician.
The use of this medication for patients with liver disease can result in hearing loss.



If you missed the dose of Althrocin250 Tablet, you should take it as soon as you can. If it's nearing the time to take your next dose, avoid any missed doses and return to your regular routine. Don't increase the dose.



Does taking Althrocin 250 Tablet cause diarrhea?

Yes using Althrocin 250 Tablet may cause diarrhea. It's an antibiotic that eliminates harmful bacteria. But, it also harms the beneficial bacteria in your stomach, or your intestines and can cause diarrhea. If you're experiencing extreme diarrhea, speak to your physician about it.

What's the duration Althrocin 250 Tablet take to start working?

Typically, Althrocin 250 Tablet begins to work shortly after you take it. It may require a couple of days before it kills all harmful bacteria and help you feel better.

What happens if I don't feel better after taking Althrocin 250 tablet?

Tell your doctor if do not feel better after having completed the entire course of treatment. Inform him that your symptoms are becoming worse as you take this medication.

Should I discontinue using Althrocin 250 Tablet once my symptoms are alleviated?

Do not stop taking the Althrocin 250 Tablet and continue the complete treatment, even when you are feeling better. The symptoms could worsen before the disease is completely eradicated.

Is it possible that taking Althrocin 250 Tablets cause an infertility problem?

There isn't any evidence that suggests the use of the Althrocin 250 Tablet causes infertility, whether male or female.


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