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Accufine 5mg Softgel Capsule is part of a class of medications known as Retinoids (vitamin A derivative). It's used to treat severe acne that hasn't had a response to other treatments.


Salt Compostion

Isotretinoin (5mg)


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Accufine 5mg Softgel Capsule is part of a class of medications known as Retinoids (vitamin A derivative). It's used to treat severe acne that hasn't had a response to other treatments.

Accufine 5mg Softgel Capsules should be taken according to the dose and for the duration recommended by your physician. It is taken in conjunction with food, and usually every day, to avoid missing a dose. It could take a few weeks before your symptoms improve, but continue regular use of the medicine to reap the maximum benefit. If you don't notice any improvement after a couple of weeks, visit your doctor for a second time.

The most commonly reported adverse reactions include dry skin, rashes, and elevated liver enzymes. They're usually not severe and usually disappear once you've gotten used to the medication, but when they are bothersome or persist consult your doctor.

Accufine 5mg Softgel Capsule can cause you to become less sensitive to sunlight,. Therefore, it is recommended to limit exposure to sunlight. It can affect your skin, making it fragile. Avoid treatments that involve waxing (hair removal) or laser treatments while you are undergoing treatment. It can also cause dryness in the lips, mouth, and eyes. So, take ample water and apply a moisturizing cream. The medicine could cause birth defects. Do consult with your physician if you are planning or pregnant.



  • Treatment of Acne



In Treatment of Acne

Accufine 5mg Softgel Capsule can treat acne by decreasing sebum's production (a naturally occurring substance) which is the cause of acne. It kills bacteria that cause acne and stops pimples or spots from appearing. It generally takes about a couple of weeks before you notice an impact, so you should continue to take the medication even if it appears not to be effective. Sometimes, acne can become worse before it gets better, but when you use it correctly the skin will become clearer. This medication will improve your mood and boost your confidence when your skin gets rid of acne.



The majority of side effects doesn’t require medical attention, and will disappear once your body acclimatizes your medication. Contact your physician if they persist or you're concerned about them.

Common adverse effects of Accufine

Dry skin

The liver enzymes are boosted




Use this medication in the dosage and duration prescribed by your doctor. Accufine 5mg Softgel Capsule should be consumed with food.



Accufine 5mg Softgel Capsule is an extract from vitamin A. It affects glands (sebaceous) to decrease the production of an organic substance (sebum) which is responsible for acne. Additionally the controlled sebum production eliminates bacteria that cause acne. Also, it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent to reduce the inflammation (redness as well as swelling).




Be cautious when you consume alcohol when taking Accufine 5mg Softgel Capsule. Talk to your doctor.


Accufine 5mg Softgel Capsule is extremely unsafe to be used during pregnancy. Get advice from your doctor since studies of pregnant women as well as animals have demonstrated significant negative impacts on the baby's development.

Breast feeding

Accufine 5mg Softgel Capsule is likely to be unsafe to be used during breastfeeding. There is no evidence from humans that suggests the drug could be absorbed into breast milk and harms the baby.


Accufine 5mg Softgel Capsule can cause adverse effects that could impact the ability of you to drive.
Your night vision may get worse during your treatment. It can happen abruptly. The symptoms of dizziness and sleepiness are not common. It could affect your driving abilities.


Accufine 5mg Softgel Capsule may be suitable for patients suffering from kidney disease. There is limited evidence to suggest that dose adjustment for Accufine 5mg Softgel Capsule is not required in those patients. Consult your physician.
If you notice excessive fatigue or puffy eyes, as well as difficulty with urination, while you are taking this medicine, consult your doctor and stop taking the treatment.


Accufine 5mg Softgel Capsule is likely to be unsafe for patients suffering from liver diseases and should be abstained from. Consult your physician.



If you do not take the dose of Accufine 5mg Softgel Capsule, make sure you take it as quickly as you can. But, if it's close to the time for the next dose, you can skip your missed dosage and get back to your normal schedule. Don't double the dosage.



Can Accufine 5mg Softgel Capsule safe for use?

Accufine 5mg Softgel Capsule must be taken with caution as it has been known to cause serious adverse reactions. It is recommended to use it only in patients suffering from severe nodular acne that is not responding to conventional treatment such as systemic antibiotics. Additionally, Accufine 5mg Softgel Capsule is not recommended for pregnant women since it may cause birth defects that are severe.

What is Accufine 5mg Softgel Capsule is a steroids?

Accufine 5mg Softgel Capsule is an Retinol (vitamin A) that is used to treat serious forms of acne.

What are the most recommended tests for Accufine 5mg Softgel capsule therapy?

The liver enzymes as well as serum lipids will be assessed prior to the start of treatment. The levels will also be checked 1 month following the beginning of treatment. Then, it will be monitored at 3 every month unless a more frequent monitoring is required by the doctor.

Does the effect of Accufine 5mg Softgel Capsules lasting?

It has been found by many patients that a one-time 15-week course is effective in curing the disease and keeps it from recurring. If a subsequent course is needed, one should be patient for at minimum 8 weeks following finishing the initial course. This is due to the experience of Accufine 5mg Softgel Capsule has demonstrated that the signs and symptoms of the acne sufferers may remain improving after treatment with Accufine 5mg Softgel Capsule.

What's the reason Accufine 5mg Softgel Capsule so harmful during the course of pregnancy?

If pregnancy occurs while treatment with Accufine 5mg Softgel Capsule there is a high chance that the baby could be born with birth defects that are severe.

Can Accufine 5mg Softgel Capsule cause cancer?

There are no instances that Accufine 5mg Softgel Capsule being a cause of cancer. Actually, it could be beneficial in certain types of skin, head, or neck cancers.

What will be the lasting effects of Accufine 5mg Softgel Capsule?

A normal course of therapy of Accufine 5mg Softgel Capsule lasts for 15 weeks. So, the long-term effects of doses that are low have not been investigated. It is possible that it has an impact upon bone mineralization. It can lower bone mineral density certain patients, leading to fractures or osteoporosis.

Does Accufine 5mg Softgel Capsule affect male fertility?

No Accufine 5mg Softgel Capsule is not a factor in the male fertility of patients. The results were not significant on the volume of ejaculate and sperm count. It also did not affect total sperm motility, morphology and the seminal plasma fructose.

Does Accufine 5mg Softgel Capsule damage your liver?

There is a possibility of a transient increase in liver enzymes due to Accufine 5mg Softgel Capsule usage. Therefore, periodic lab tests are recommended. These levels usually get back to normal after a certain period. If they remain elevated for long periods it is possible that your physician will recommend discontinuing using Accufine 5mg Softgel Capsule.

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